Epoxy Resin Laboratory Cup Sinks With Chemical Resistance for Fume Hood

Laboratory Epoxy Resin Cup Sink With Chemical Resistance for Fume Hood




The main ingredients of epoxy resin board are epoxy resin, quartz sand, catalysts, curing agents and pigments, it is produced by several baking at high temperature. Its overall thickness is composed with the same material from top to bottom and from inside and outside, so it has a good stability, and it will never break if without external shocks. Because of it is formed at high temperature, the epoxy resin board will never distortion at room temperature.

The laminate is formed by laminating of surface paper, colored paper, kraft paper and plant fibers, and phenolic resin, only the surface has a thin of epoxy resin with corrosion resistance, If surface is damaged, it is irreparable and not resistant to corrosion. The surface of laminate cannot run into fire, it will form bubbles and delamination when run into experimental common high-temperature. Through the use and test, the chemical and physical performance indexes of laminate are inferior to the epoxy resin board. The epoxy resin board is completely composed of the same material, the whole board has resistance to corrosion and it is repairable after the scratching. It has high strength, green environmental protection, long life and good product appearance, and it is the optimal product of the laboratory worktop.



Although ONUS epoxy resin worktop can resist most of chemicals ,please use worktop according to laboratory criterion strictly in order to guarantee worktop’s best property and appearance. Please clean it when chemicals spill, and wipe worktop everyday.

The common clean method is wipe worktop with 70% ethyl alcohol before and after use. If only remove the dirt of surface, please to wipe directly with rag. If it is stubborn stains, please clean it with organic solvent or some similar solvents firstly, then wipe surface with clean sponge.

Do not use of abrasive cleaner or abrasive sponge/brush to clean surface.

Even though epoxy resin worktops can resist most of chemicals, we still suggest to do testing to find if it is cause color fading before use.


Epoxy Resin Laboratory Cup Sinks With Chemical Resistance for Fume Hood



  1. Forbid to touch organic solvents for long time.
  2. The concentration of common solvents is no more than: 77% sulfuric acid, 65% nitric acid,37% hydrochloric acid, 98% acetic acid, 85% phosphoric acid, 40% sodium hydroxide.
  3. Avoid to touch sharp objects, note to scratch.
  4. If it is uncommon solvents, please to try on sample blocks.
  5. If the strong corrosive solvents(hydrofluoric acid) drip on the worktop, please clean up it immediately to avoid to damage surface.

Epoxy Resin Laboratory Cup Sinks With Chemical Resistance for Fume Hood


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